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Be part of Heathrow Supply Chain

We at West London Chambers, we work in partnership with local businesses from the smallest sole trader to the largest multinational, to provide access to a wide variety of informative networking events and seminars to help our business community grow.

As Heathrow is the UK’s only international hub airport, Heathrow is a crucial connection between West London and the rest of the world and resource that can be used to help deliver that growth.

The smooth operation of our airport is dependent on the sourcing of a wide range of works, goods and services. From Cyber and Technology, Infrastructure and Operational procurement. To give an indication of the scale, the airport spend was over £1.5bn in 2019 with more than 1,200 suppliers from around the UK.

Given the scale of Heathrow’s operation and its impact on the UK economy, Heathrow approaches its supply chain with an inclusive approach.

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